Phillies Select Kevin Gowdy No. 42 in the Second Round


Kevin Gowdy pitches for the U18 USA Team

The Phillies went back to the West Coast to pick up another California high schooler, pitcher Kevin Gowdy from Santa Barbara High School.

Gowdy, like Moniak, is also committed to UCLA. While Gowdy’s commitment to UCLA could come into play in his signability, he was still taken early enough that the Phillies should be able to sign him.

The 18-year old high schooler ranked No. 24 on Keith Law of ESPN’s “Big Board”, No. 37 on, and No. 39 on the BA 500.

Gowdy is viewed as a high-upside player, and his long 6’4 frame gives the Phillies plenty to work with. His fastball sits in the low-90s and could get better as he fills out (he weighs 170 lbs as of now).

His breaking ball could become a solid slider in the future, and his changeup could become a major-league caliber pitch in time. His command has been shaky at times, but it can look really strong.

Overall, Gowdy could project to a workhorse starter in the middle of a rotation with three serviceable major-league pitchers and solid command.


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