Phillies Organizational Depth Rankings: Second Base

UA baseball vs Washington

Scott Kingery, the Phillies’ top second baseman

While a Top 30 gives a good idea of the best of a farm system, it doesn’t include those outside of the Top 30 or who have already lost their prospect eligibility. With these organizational depth rankings, I hope to cover both of those categories. Without any more digressing, here is my ranking of the second basemen in the Phillies organization.

  1. Scott Kingery
  2. Cesar Hernandez
  3. Darnell Sweeney
  4. Jesmuel Valentin
  5. Josh Tobias
  6. Drew Stankiewicz
  7. Angelo Mora
  8. Carlos Alonso

Unlike the past rankings, I decided to leave out the players that really are just org players with no real shot at the majors. This left me with eight second basemen, and even then the last couple are a stretch.

Scott Kingery and Darnell Sweeney are the only top-tier second base prospects in the system and were not part of the organization going into 2015. Kingery was the Phillies second-round draft pick and Sweeney was one of the two players received in exchange for Chase Utley. Kingery was assigned right to Lakewood after the draft and showed off his strong hit tool. He will start the season in Clearwater and make a push for Reading sooner rather than later. Sweeney has spent his entire time with the Phillies in the majors with mixed results at the plate. He is a second baseman by trade, but the team has tried him in the outfield as well.

Cesar Hernandez is a viable option at the major leagues and firmly has the starting job locked in for 2016. He had a strong 2015, carrying a .704 OPS after sliding into the starting role. Hernandez will hope to bounce back from a late-season injury and build upon what he started.

Jesmuel Valentin and Josh Tobias are mid-tier prospects that would be “just-misses” on a lot of Top 30s and fit comfortably on a Top 50. Valentin returned from a domestic violence arrest and has appeared to move on, helping Clearwater in their playoff run last year. He has a “grinder” profile at the plate but doesn’t have the offensive upside to warrant a move to the outfield. Also, his arm limits him to second base in the infield. Tobias had a strong season in Williamsport, but that could easily be attributed to being much older than the competition coming out of college. Tobias has to show strong hitting when he moves to higher competition levels, and like Valentin, doesn’t have the offensive tools to justify any other position.

Drew Stankiewicz, Angelo Mora, and Carlos Alonso are mostly supplemental players with some slight prospect potential. All three will be in at least Reading in 2016 and they should end up in Lehigh or the big club by the end of the season. Stankiewicz had a .483 average in 32 plate appearances in the Arizona Fall League for what it’s worth. Mora had a combined .312/.354/.445 hitting split between Clearwater and Reading, but it doesn’t appear that sustainable. Alonso was injured the majority of the season, but is a solid minor-league player with an outside chance at the majors.


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