The Dichotomy of the 2016 Phillies


Courtesy Baseball Betsy

Today the Phillies will take on the University of Tampa for the first baseball since the end of the 2015 World Series. The starting lineup will look as such:

Jeremy Hellickson will take the mound, and Peter Bourjous will take the start in left field. Both are veterans and fall into the “traveled veteran” category of the Phillies roster. We will no doubt see plenty of them as the season progresses, with the injury bug sure to strike hard and necessitate the signing of more journeymen to the roster to fill in those spots.

Thankfully, that type of player won’t be the only one we will see this season. Catchers Andrew Knapp and Jorge Alfaro will start (Knapp as the DH). Today will provide many fans their first glimpse of the two young prospects. Watching them play with may veterans will give us a snapshot of what the Phillies future could be.

In addition, young outfielders Odubel Herrera and Aaron Altherr will also start today. Both had impressive rookie campaigns last season, and Herrera had perhaps the best season among any Phillies player in 2015. Both also could be part of the future full of young players we’re hoping for so dearly.

While we will several journeymen and traveled veterans in the red pinstripes this year, we should also see several young players that can provide Phillies fans hope. The juxtaposition of the two types of players will most likely be the storyline of the team through most of this year.


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